Monday, October 3, 2011

On Health Care

Most people are quite taken aback when they first read or hear my response to their question.  In the French debate one question was about the planned new health center in Orleans.  The other candidates spoke of being in favour of it and claimed to be more in favour of it than the others.

My response was that I did not have any particular opinion, since it is not the moral role of government to monpolize health care.  I paraphrased my May 15 blog post I'll have a large Tim Hortons Health care please.  If health care experts were allowed to be as free to serve customers as is Tim Hortons, we would have all the high quality health care we want and wish to pay for.  Health care would be available inexpensively and in a wide variety of locations and delivery methods.

Most Ontarians can hardly conceive of a free health care industry, so indoctrinated and accustomed are they to the current system, they do not even realize we had a free system that worked very well before the government took over in the 1960's.  Our education system teaches them nothing about the principles of a free society, nothing about how health care has declined under a monopoly, next to nothing about individual rights, and I could go on for some time...

If I can even slightly shift the nature of political debate then I will have made a positive difference in this election.

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