Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Audience question 2 from the debate

2. What will you do do address the huge problem of government debt and deficit?
Paraphrasing the other candidates: I will keep spending and increasing spending, and I expect that tax revenues will increase enough to eliminate the deficit in five years or so. I will not discuss the debt. My spending plans are better than those of the other guys.

David McGruer: In my regular work as a financial advisor I understand this issue very well. If you ran your finances or your company the way government does, you would be bankrupt. When excessive government debt and spending create an economic crisis, the solution is to drastically reduce these, not to set about spending and borrowing more than ever. The Liberals have increased spending by 80% in 8 years and have no plans to reduce it. The PC's best response is to say they will keep increasing spending on health care and education, which make up over half the budget, and cut 2% from the rest. Really? is that the best you can do? The other parties are not even able to identify the problem, never mind offer any intelligent solution to it. The reality is that the only solution is to stop the madness and stop government from doing all the things it now does. Until you face reality, the problem will only get worse.

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