Monday, October 17, 2011

Audience question 6 from the debate

6. What will you do to address the shortage and growing need for home care?

Paraphrasing the other candidates: I am in favour of more home care. Vote for me and I will support more spending on home care.

David McGruer: In a free society home care could be provided in large quantities, limited only by the degree consumers value it, in many locations, limited only by people's evaluation of local service, and in many varieties, limited only by the degree people value such diversity. The fact is, we have many companies that already provide inexpensive, professional and very local services of all types, but in health care there are so many prohibitions, regulations and controls that few entrepreneurs are willing to enter the field. Look around you and imagine if home care was provided with the same efficiency as Tim Hortons serves its customers. And if Tim's does not serve them well, the customers leave in favour of another competitor who will do so. We do not have any shortage of Tim Hortons, and the very idea of a long term shortage of anything provided by a free market is preposterous, yet we somehow are supposed to think health care is an exception to the concept of free markets and can only be properly delivered by use of government force? As long as this idea is not challenged, we will have poor service and chronic shortages in health care.

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