Saturday, October 15, 2011

Audience question 5 from the debate

5. What will you do to complete the family health center in Orleans?

Paraphrasing the other candidates: I support it and I will spend money on health care more wisely than the other guys.

David McGruer: None of the other candidates, nor their parties, nor any other group knows how to create and maintain a province-wide health industry. It is too complex for anyone to fully understand. In a free society such complexity is addressed by the equally complex combination of citizens freely choosing their professions and business structure and also choosing to buy health care from anyone they judge suitable for their needs. In this way, health care becomes a free, cooperative industry instead of one riddled with regulation, prohibition and government power. To save health care, we need to remove government intervention from the equation and allow people to creatively solve their own problems instead of having them band together into pressure groups and use the blunt weapon of government to force health care producers and consumers into defined boxes.

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