Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dedicated socialist Alex Munter appointed as CEO of CHEO

In the October 13 Ottawa Citizen editorial one of the fundamental negative consequences of socialized health care is mentioned but no discussion of its harmful nature is made.

"While Munter has no direct hospital management experience, his background as head of the Champlain Local Health Integration Network and former head of the Youth Services Bureau will serve him well.
In public health care, a knowledge of government and communications is arguably more important than the arcana of hospital administration. CHEO's future success depends on the provincial government meeting its financial needs and the public continuing to offer generous direct support."

How sad is it that a man whose recent successes are that he managed to get himself plum political appointments is now to head one of our large hospitals?  Can there be a clearer endictment of socialized health care than to state without condemnation that for the top executive of a hospital, knowledge of how to pull the levers of political power is more important than knowledge of medicine and business administration?

Implicit in the appointment is the idea that Munter will be able to persuade his socialist friends to fund his hospital more than it funds other hospitals.  The essence of success under socialism is not innovation, not achievement in science, not entrepreneurial genius, not a fiercely competitive business model, but political pull.  In socialism, gains of one group come at the expense of other groups and a battle over political power to control men's lives is waged until the last one dies, much as Greek socialists are now fighting for the right to tax, spend and borrow until the last victim is depleted of all wealth and the whole society dies together.  This is the course chosen by Soviet Russia, North Korea, National Socialist Germany, Cuba, Red China and others over the last century.  It is sickening to watch it happen to one of our most valuable industries - medicine.

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