Thursday, October 13, 2011

Audience question 3 from the debate

3. What will you do to ensure French services in the LCBO and Beer store?

Paraphrasing the other candidates: You have a right to be served in French and I would punish the employee who insulted you by telling you to go to Quebec if you want to be served in French.

David McGruer: The government has no proper role in these businesses. In a free society the sale of alcohol is a private matter between the seller and the buyer. If the seller does not serve the buyer in a fashion suitable to the buyer, the buyer does not make the purchase and goes to another seller. This clear market signal means that if enough buyers want to be served in French, then competition will make it so. It is wrong to force sellers to offer service in any particular language. If I was the store owner I would have fired that employee, but the government does not have the right to make me fire him.

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