Sunday, September 25, 2011

Questions from Fair Vote Canada

1. Did you sign the Declaration of Voters Rights, either on paper or at

David McGruer: No.  I do not think this represents a meaningful solution to the deep problems in our government.

2. In the last federal election the Conservatives won a majority with the support of under 40% of the electorate who voted, and about 25% of the support of the total electorate. Each of you represent good ideas, but only one of you will be able to represent those ideas following this election despite the fact that almost certainly more than 50% of the people in your riding will vote for one of you who don’t get elected. In the last provincial election, 52,2% of votes did not go to a wining candidate.  Given this, can you tell me where each of you stand on electoral reform?

David McGruer: I believe the problem with Canadian government is that it does not fulfill its single, moral purpose: the protection of individual rights.  If government did not interfere in all aspects of our lives, the method of voting would have far less significance, since government would not have the power to mess things up as it does today.  Dedicating one's energy to reforming a voting method instead of tackling the fundamental immorality of the current philosophy of government is a waste of energy.  A different means of electing people to do things in a totally improper fashion will have no meaningful positive impact on society.

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