Thursday, September 22, 2011

Intro to Orleans candidates debate to be recorded by Rogers TV

This is my planned introduction, to be recorded in advance and within only a 2-minute slot.

For about a century now, the socialist/collectivist parties have been fighting over details of which group will control more of your life, your liberty and your property for the next four years.  Being collectivists, their philosophy naturally requires the sacrifice of individuals to groups.  They do not consider the effort of establishing a free society to be worthwhile. In fact, if you ask them, they could not even explain what a truly free society looks like.

A free society is based on three fundamental and connected principles: (1) a limited government that (2) enacts and enforces objective laws for (3) the sole purpose of protecting individual rights.  When government initiates force through regulation, control, monopoly and prohibition against peaceful citizens, it changes from its proper role of protector to the worst violator of rights, since citizens are left with no other protector.

In a free society you are responsible for your own life and the consequences of your choices.  Your rights are not sacrificed to meet the wishes of others and you don’t ask others to sacrifice themselves for you.

In a free society, health care is a cooperative agreement between customers and suppliers - doctors, nurses, surgeons, hospitals, pharmacists and inventors.   Shortages cannot exist for long since entrepreneurs rush to fill unmet needs.  All types of medical insurance are permitted.  There is no government involvement.

In a free society, electricity is supplied by a variety of competitors, each striving to provide reliable power at the lowest price.  If one weakens, others quickly increase their market share.  Supply meets every conceivable demand.  There is no government involvement.

In a free society, taxes are only a tiny fraction of the economy, not 50%, there is separation of religion and government, and there is a free market in light bulbs, pesticides, auto insurance, alcohol and everything else, so long as objective harm to others is not done.

If elected, the Freedom Party will:
  • restore choice in health insurance,
  • restore fair auto insurance and
  • remove bans on light bulbs,
  • pesticides and
  • shopping on religious holidays.  

  • We will end the health premium,
  • close race-based public schools,
  • end the monopoly on electricity
  • and alcohol,
  • raise the speed limit on 400 series highways to 120 and
  • end the 14.7 cent per liter Ontario gasoline tax.
Restoring these freedoms would be just our first steps in the right direction. In Orleans on October 6th, vote for David McGruer and the Freedom Party.

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