Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More about tax credits for immigrant employers - 22 days until election

More ado has been made of the Liberal proposal to provide up to $10,000 in tax credits for employers who hire recent immigrants.  The PC's oppose it because it gives preference to immigrants over long time residents.  The NDP say preference should be given to others.  None of them is cognizant of the fact it is immoral for government to be involved in employment issues at all.

The moral role of government is to protect citizens from the initiation of force, to protect their life, liberty to act and ownership of property.  When government intervenes in economic decisions made by freely acting citizens, it initiates force against them and so becomes the  wrongdoer.  Further, once government steps into the free exchange of values between citizens, no matter what the justification, there is no end to the interventions that can and will be justified.  This is how politics becomes a war between various interest grops to control the levers of power for the benefit of themselves or their pet causes.  All of these levers necessitate the violation of the rights of some or even all citizens. 

Only the Freedom Party of Ontario has a platform based on the moral right of man to peacefully pursue his own happiness so long as he does not violate the right of others to do likewise, and understands that a strong government is required to protect this right.

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