Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tax support for immigrant jobs is wrong - 24 Days until election

While the Liberals propose to give up to $10,000 of money taxes from taxpayers to companies that hire recent immigrant, the PC's call it money for "foreign workers" while thousands of Ontarians are unemployed.  They squabble over who has the better subsidy ideas while ignoring that all subsidies are immoral.

It it not a proper, moral role of government to take money from some people by force and then distribute it to their preferred groups.  It is, however, a natural consequence of the mixed economy, where pressure groups attempt to seize political power to change laws, reduce competition and direct other people's money in their favour. 

Unless and until government returns to its proper and moral role as the protector of individual rights instead of its current role as the primary violator of rights, which party is currently in power has little impact on the overall political scene - it is just a matter of whose gang is in power and whether they will take away more of your rights or perhaps deign to pull back slightly from doing such intense harm.

Only the Freedom Party of Ontario offers a platform based on a fully integrated philosophy that protects individual rights.  While it will certainly take some time to withdraw government interference in the economy, it is about time we started moving in that direction instead of the wrong direction.

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