Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Green China

Financial Post Letter writer Mahmood Elahi makes fundamental errors of philosophic, economic and scientific thought in his letter praising China's so-called "green" efforts. 

Philosophically, he ignores the blatant fact that China's economy is still largely a military dictatorship with laws changed to suit the rulers of the day and the rights of millions of citizens violated in many ways every day.  To call the current status of China capitalist is to ignore the fundamental meaning and definition of capitalism: the system that protects individual rights.

Economically, he ignores the fact that the maglev trains, solar panels and many other projects are being forced upon the population by government use of power.  Few, if any of these grandiose projects would take place in the same way if the people were given the freedom to choose their own paths in life, own their personal property and spend their own money.

Scientifically he ignores the fact that carbon dioxide is not pollution but rather is an essential plant nutrient on which human life depends, drought is not caused solely by evaporation and certainly not by human progress while air pollution is a byproduct of a relatively poor society and decreases as a society becomes wealthy and can afford to address the problem.

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