Sunday, June 5, 2011

Four dirty secrets about clean energy

Wow, Alex Epstein really does a thorough job of pointing out the dirty contradictions of and harm done by the "clean energy" acolytes.  In his article, Epstein points out

1. If “clean energy” were actually cheaper than fossil fuels, it wouldn’t need a policy.  What the greenies want is to ram their ideology down our throats.

2. Clean energy advocates want to force us to use solar, wind, and biofuels, even though there is no evidence these can power modern civilization.  Even after decades of massive state subsidies, these energy sources only provide a minute fraction of current energy needs, and are far more expensive.
3. There are promising carbon-free energy sources--hydroelectric and nuclear--but “clean energy” policies oppose them as not “green” enough.  The cleanies may talk the talk, but when it comes to walking the walk they run the other way. 

4. The environmentalists behind clean energy policy are anti-energy.  The cleanies not only want us to use their preferred energy sources, that are massively uneconomical, but they fundamentally want us to die and stop interfering with the rocks, dirt, wind, and bugs of what they describe as "nature".  Their version of nature does not include human life, so if we all died they would think that was just peachy. 

Why on Earth does anyone listen to the eco-fascists?  They have been lulled by decades of socialism to think that government and the favored elites know better than they do, and so are easily led to delegate growing parts of their lives to others.  Only a rediscovery and return to a philosophy of individual rights can reverse this trend.  Until and unless the leaders in society learn this, the same intellectual errors will persist.

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