Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Ontario Liberals are in love with the ideas of Karl Marx

Below is my quick response to the current Ontario Liberal campaign. They sent me an email asking me to support them in their efforts.  I declined and opted instead to send them a brief response.


Unfortunately you have chosen to launch initiatives that are straight out of the ideology of Karl Marx. Each of the initiatives listed below requires a massive violation of the rights of Canadian citizens the government is elected to protect. I believe Sir Wilfred Laurier would recoil in horror at what the meaning of being a Liberal has become. In his lifetime he lived just long enough to see the ideas of Karl Marx start bloody revolutions that in the end resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of people across the world. More die daily as a result of these same ideas in countries like Venezuela, while countries that are throwing away these ideas like China and India are advancing more rapidly that any country in history.  The Liberal party ideology needs to return to its roots and re-discover the ideas that made Canada a great country – individual rights and a government that protects them, not one that violates them.

While volumes have been written about all that is morally and economically wrong with these ideas, I will simply state here how they violate the rights of citizens, with government forcibly sacrificing a part of innocent lives to the whims, wishes and wants of other people. These actions are the exact opposite of fair.

The five initiatives are:
1. A $15 minimum wage - violates the right of employees and employers to negotiate terms of employment contract free of interference from parties who are not involved in the contract.

2. A basic income pilot - violates the rights of those who are working to create value and exchange it for wages by seizing some of their money and giving to others who are not or who have chosen not to work in support of their own lives.

3. Free pharmacare for youth and children - violates the rights of all those who work to support their own lives and those of their family, forcibly taking part of their hard work and giving it to those who did not earn it.

4. Free post-secondary education - violates the rights of all those people who work to pay for the education of themselves or their loved ones and all the rest of society's producers too, forcing them to pay for the education of strangers at the expense of their priorities in life. Such an action raises the expenses of education, stifles innovation and competition, and punishes those who work the hardest and whose work is the most productive.

5. Rent control - violates the rights of the people who have saved and invested their capital to provide rental accommodations for willing tenants. Such an action can only cause less rental properties to exist and to reduce the quality of such properties.

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