Sunday, February 7, 2016

Objectivity needed in climate debate

Mr. Martin's comments in the Low Down of January 27 'Straw men and climate change' do little other than repeat myths and delusions about science that are easily disproven by a reading of the literature on the subject.  

A fact is not determined by a consensus or a vote, but by objective observation of reality to identify new knowledge that integrates into all existing knowledge without contradiction. The claims of so-called climate change  alarmists are so riddled with contradictions their entire corpus is properly dismissed as arbitrary and without merit, not worthy of further consideration.  

The entire hypothetical daisy-chain that an increase in atmospheric CO2 will cause the planet to warm, that this warming represents a danger to humanity, that we cannot adapt to a change if it does occur, that it is better to sacrifice actual human lives today to avoid potential harm to future lives and that massive coercive action to violate individual rights is the proper way to address such an issue falls apart at every point.  

Warming occurs on a logarithmic path as CO2 concentration rises, meaning that almost all the warming that can be caused by CO2 has already occurred and a further doubling will have almost no effect. Satellite and weather balloon measurements, the only reliable data we have, show no significant change in average global temperature since the satellite data started in the 1980s. Claims of greater warming rely on poor quality land-based thermometers that have been mostly proven as having low resolution and as being massively tainted by urban growth.  Historical data from geological, ice core and sea sediment records show the planet has been through many warming cycles and is expected to always do so. The best long term relationship between temperature cycles and another variable shows that the Sun is the main driver of climate cycles, not CO2. There are no islands sinking fast because there is no significant change in sea level, other than the cycle which was initiated by the end of the last ice age and will continue until the next ice age. All land masses are in motion in three dimensions - moving not only laterally but up or down according to plate tectonics and the relief from stresses from massive mountains of ice that used to cover large parts of the world. Again, satellite data measures this well.  I could continue with a list of scientific impossibilities embedded in the climate scare, but I trust that a few basics are sufficient for most readers since all it takes is one inconvenient fact to demolish a hypothesis, no matter how aggressively asserted.

What about the computer models that have uniformly been proven invalid, since they can barely be tortured into modeling the past and have all failed as predictive tools?  If you make a prediction and it fails to occur, it means your hypothesis is wrong - reality tells you this clearly.

What about the morality of using climate change to attack the lives of people who should be free, denying them the right to choose, the right to keep their hard earned money and property, the right to continue to advance humanity, to create wealth and improve life for people? The climate alarmists want to dispense with such formalities as rights, freedom and property and impose a global police force to monitor your emissions of carbon dioxide, the gas of life itself, fertilizer of all plant life and thus a vital ingredient for all life on earth.  These people need to be chased back behind the iron curtain from which they emerged.

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