Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ottawa South by-election August 1, 2013

Dalton McGuinty resigned as premier and now has resigned as MPP for Ottawa South.  During his years in power:

  • the Ontario debt grew by leaps and bounds, 
  • taxes rose despite specific promises to the contrary, 
  • spending went wild, 
  • the economy was harmed severely, 
  • energy production saw vast interference and rising prices
  • sweet deals were given to public service unions while regular citizens struggled to pay their bills and taxes,
  • scandals swept through one government department after another,
  • election riding wins were bought with hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars,
  • and the list goes on and on.
This type of outcome is inevitable when government exceeds its proper, moral function, which is the protection of citizens' rights to life, liberty and property.  To do these functions requires objective law, a court system, a police force and a military.  

When government interferes in any economic activity it distorts the will of citizens, reduces quality, raises costs, reduces efficiency, reduces innovation and inevitably raises prices above those that would prevail in a free market.  Just try and think of one function that government does really well, aside from taking your money and wasting it.  Energy - nope.  Education? Not a chance.  Health care?  Don't get me started.  

It is time to start heading back in the direction of freedom.  It is time to end the health care monopoly.  It is time to restore free competition in energy.  It is time to get government out of the economy and let citizens make their own reasoned decisions and be responsible for their consequences again. 

The Liberals have been steadily wreaking havoc on Ontario.  The NDP wants to do the same, only faster.  The PC's want to do the same, only a bit slower.  All three of these leftist parties agree on matters of fundamental principle, which is why it has made little difference which party is elected.  Note that for a few years after the Rae NDP government Ontario boomed when there was a small movement in the direction of individual freedoms.  Imagine the shining example of progress that could be seen if Ontario actually adopted the principles of freedom and individual rights whole-heartedly and overtly!

My name will be on the ballot for the August 1 by-election for the freedom Party of Ontario, the only political party that offers a unified, principled position on every topic and whose founding principles project a society distinguished by its optimistic, peaceful and hope-filled pursuit of happiness.  To proudly support Freedom Party is to tell the world, unequivocally, that you hold rationality, ethics, justice, democracy and freedom as values upon which you will make no compromise.  

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