Thursday, April 26, 2012

Should we permit individuals who doubt dangerous man-made climate change to run for public office?

This opinion piece in today's Ottawa Citizen makes no reference to any established facts and does not argue on the basis of reason.  Instead, it is an argument made by a number of fallacious methods: attacking an individual's reputation, appeal to widespread belief, argument by dismissal, argument from false authority, argument from personal astonishment, argument by selective observation, argument by hypothesis contrary to fact, argument by misunderstanding the use of statistics to name a few. 

I have personally made a serious effort to read the work of scientists from a broad range of disciplines and have seen clear evidence disproving the popular theory of man-made, CO2-induced dangerous global warming.  It only takes one fact to disprove even the most accepted theory, and in this case there are facts from the disciplines of geology, physics, chemistry, archeology, statistics, astrophysics and other areas that clearly contradict the typical ideas about global warming.

Open your mind and see for yourself.

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