Friday, July 22, 2011

Politicized science in Orleans

In an attempt to create fear of the future among adult citizens, Ottawa-Orleans MPP Phil McNeely continues to spread his grossly mistaken version of climate change.  McNeely was quoted in the Star, saying “I have a couple of grandkids and don’t see much of a future for them.” He sponsored a climate change forum for Orleans high school students where he has been trying to create fear in our children and was quoted “The kids are going to suffer in 2030, 2040 and 2050.”  Meanwhile, the Ontario government under the control of his party has implemented a plan to take hard-earned money from innocent citizens, harming the weakest the most, and give it to people willing to implement the politically distorted version of electricity generation, people who will be generally well-off already.  This short paragraph illustrates the damage done by political interference in science, education and the economy.

To gain a basic understanding of the science of climate change McNeely has only to attend a class or two at Ottawa University.  There, students learn of recent research from the scientific disciplines of geology, physics, climatology and mathematics that Earth’s temperature changes with several natural cycles (examples: ocean currents, planetary rotation, solar, galactic) over all time scales.  They will learn how there is no correlation between CO2 and temperature in the last 100 years and how temperature changes precede CO2 changes by an average of 800 years over the last few hundred thousand years.  The world’s top satellite data expert, Roy Spencer’s research shows that cause and effect have been reversed in the minds of most people and that satellite data proves man-made CO2 does not have any dramatic effect on global temperature.  Students may also learn about very recent work using satellite data by researcher Ferenc Miskolczi who identified the equilibrium equation for Earth's gain and loss of heat.  Miskolczi's work shows that when the carbon dioxide level rises then water vapour concentration falls exactly enough so the Earth maintains its energy balance. Thus, even large changes in carbon dioxide will have no effect on the global temperature.

Climate science has been thoroughly taken over by people who feed off money taken from citizens by government.  Some of these people desire to control the lives of others, and often try to create large-scale fear in the public to get people to give in to the control.  Fear of planetary disaster through man-made warming is the clearest example. Socialists who think they know better than you implement thousands of policies that gradually erode your freedoms.  The second group is scientists and their staff who want to work and support their families but rely on government funding instead of a free market to do their research.  Once the power-seekers have taken control of taxpayer funded science, they direct funding to those who will reinforce their point of view and block contrary finding and a dogmatic bureaucracy becomes entrenched.

When power-seekers can’t get adults to react enough to suit their liking, they go after the children.  Since government has gradually assumed control over most of the nation’s education, it is quite easy to change the curriculum to introduce a particular political agenda.  By assembling students and placing a politician (himself) who knows almost nothing of the science in a position of authority, MPP McNeely takes the final step in replacing science with political dogma – a fear-induced frenzy in our children about a non-existent threat.

Meanwhile, out in the real world, government force is implemented in the economy.  Just look in your newspaper for ads about a new Ontario government program that will give money to people who install solar electric panels at ten to twenty times the going rate for electricity while making everyone else pay for it.  Obviously, if solar power was economic then people would use it of their own free will with no government force needed.  Since it is non-economic, the price difference is pure economic waste – electricity that could be produced at far lower cost but is not.  Those most harmed are the poor, for whom electricity is an essential and significant part of their budget.  Of course, since power is used to produce everything, the price of everything will rise.  This is most clear in developing countries, where environmentalists using political force have blocked the construction of hydro and coal powered electrical generation, leading to the continuation of hunger, sickness and death for millions of human beings.  People who have freely chosen against solar power are being forced to use and pay for it by the very people they once to elect to protect their freedom to choose – a clear perversion of the purpose of government.

What is needed to eliminate the problem of the politicization of science, education and the economy is not simply a replacement government with slightly different ideas about how to control your life, but a government willing to return to its moral and proper role: the protector of individual rights through objective law, the police, the courts and the military.  What we need is a change from various collectivist philosophies to one based on individual freedom.

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