Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The election speech we'll never hear

Fellow citizens, I stand before you today, not to ask you to help my party seize even more control over your lives, but to restore the rights and freedoms inherent in your nature as rational beings.  These rights are not artificial gifts from the state, but inalienable rights you are endowed with by your very nature.  For humans to survive and thrive, you must use your minds to re-shape the world around you.  To use your mind you must be free to live.  To bring your ideas into reality you must be free to act on them and to own the consequences of your actions.  Thus, the three great human rights are 1)life, 2)liberty to act, and 3)property ownership. 

So long as you do not violate the rights of others, the laws of a just society protect your rights against violation by other individuals, by other countries, and especially against your own government.  To protect your rights there must be a government based on objective laws to which we delegate the initiation of force.  Only such a government can properly operate a police force, a court system, a prison system and a military.  All other parts of life are not a proper role for government since they do not require the initiation of force.  The principles to create a truly free society were discovered over two hundred years ago but have never been fully implemented.  If elected, my party will begin the process of converting Canada into a free country by unwinding the many mistakes that have been spliced into our government in the last hundred or so years.

When the government used the Bank of Canada to take over control of our currency we thought the government could manage it better than freely acting citizens.  Instead, successive governments have printed money like forgers, taking wealth from those who earned it and giving it to those who did not.  They have borrowed vast sums, creating a debt that hangs over your head, your children’s heads and their children’s heads.  The result is that the value of our dollar has fallen to about 4.5 cents, meaning the cost of living has risen more than 20 times over in about 100 years.  We will gradually return to the gold standard, so there is an objective value for money and not an imaginary one.  Government spending will never again be allowed to spiral out of control.

When government initiated force in your economic activities by creating departments like Industry, Resources, Environment, Economic Development, Agriculture, and many others that have created hundreds of thousands of rules and regulations to make you act the way they think is best, they claimed it was for your own good.  We will begin the process of returning freedom to your economic activities by unwinding our massive bureaucracies.  Since the intrusions are numerous and deep, the process will take many years and you will naturally have to adapt your business models.  The final effect will be higher employment, productivity and wealth creation.  Each of you will have the right to work as hard as you wish, earn as much as you want and spend it how you choose. The positive and negative consequences of your choices will be yours alone.  You will not be made to pay for the choices of others.

When agencies such as the CBC, CRTC, Telefilm and others were created the rationale was the promotion of Canadian culture.  In the real world the result has been to stifle innovation, punish some to reward others and create a culture where political pull determines success.  My party recognizes that true culture is a product of the choices of individuals and not something to be created or contorted by the use of government force.  In a free society artists and creators of all types may produce whatever they wish and their products, like all others, are judged by fellow individual citizens.  The degree you value an artistic or cultural product is clearly indicated by your willingness to spend your own earnings to enjoy it.  You will make up your own mind which artists will be rewarded.

Although health care falls under provincial responsibility in the Constitution Act 1967, our federal government has increasingly taxed you to pay for the ballooning provincial spending.  If elected, we will begin the process of reducing federal taxes as we reduce federal payment for health care.  We will also start to enforce your right to choose your own health care.  It is immoral to prevent you from choosing your own doctor, paying for your own treatment and equally wrong to force doctors to sacrifice their freedom for the sake of others.  We recognize the right of medical professionals to choose their own path in life, run their own business and earn their own compensation.  Health care does not spring, fully formed and free for all, from the whim of an elected official.  It cannot be encouraged by strangling it with government.  When you are able to keep more of your own money, you will spend according to your own personal health priorities and medical professionals will adapt their services to meet those priorities. Just as occurs in all free markets, innovation and quality will increase and a variety of business models will proliferate to meet all market demands.

I could spend all day listing and explaining the forceful interventions in your life that our party would withdraw if we are elected.  From the regulation and dictation of what language you speak and write, the control over the education of your children, the financial dependencies and contortions created by wealth destroying programs such as EI, OAS, CPP, the long and growing list of tax credits and rebates, to the creation of different classes of citizens through laws incorporating racism and sexism into our society, the list is unimaginably long.  We know the damage of a century of creeping socialism cannot be undone in a year or even an electoral mandate.  Although it will likely take a generation or longer to accomplish, we will begin the process and nurse it along as fast as possible. 

We do not want to control your life.  We do not know better than you how to spend your money.  We should not substitute our wills for your own.  The changes will seem huge at first, require large adjustments and will not be without pain for some, but we believe you and all other individuals have the right to run their own lives and make their own decisions, for better or for worse, so long as they do not violate the rights of others.  When conflicts among individuals occur, we will have a system of objective, clear and consistent laws to settle them

On election day, vote to take back your rights as a thinking, living individual and vote to take back your life and responsibility for it from the control of others.

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